Henry's Newest Dance: My Brother

My Brother from Henry Costa on Vimeo.

Want to teach or learn Henry's dances. The step descriptions to all of Henry's current and past dances are below. Written Visual Step description have [written/visual] next to the name of the dance. Just click on the Name of The Dance. Please e-mail if any questions regrading the dances or the music. Thanks!

My Brother (Beg)  Blacking Out (Beg)  Brighter Life (Beg)   California Cowboy (Beg)  California Surfin (Int)  China Groove (Int)  Clean House  (Adv Beg)  Colorado Blvd (Adv Beg)   Cowgirl Mansion (Int) [written visual] Crazy Horses (Imp)  Dance Direction (Beg) Daybreak (Beg)  Do A Little Dance (Int)  Dreaming of You (Int)  First Time (Int)  Freedom (Int) [written/visual]  Guardians (Adv Beg) Hawaiian Sunrise (Beg)Heartbreak Sea (Int)  Hopping Mad! (beg/int) [written/visual]  Im onto You (beg) [written/visual]  Inferno.(beg) [written/visual]  Jacky Joker.(beg/int) [written/visual]  Leontine Court (Beg/Int) Line Dance Evolution (Int) [written visual]  Lost Love (Beg)  Love Forevermore (Int)  Love Struck Kid (Int) [written/visual] Luckiest Girl (Beg)  Mamas Words (beg) [written/visual]  Pure Passion (Int Adv)  Sexy and Smooth (Imp) Shaolin Dance (Int) Single and Lookin. (beg) [written/visual]  Sreps To A Better Tomorrow (Beg)  Strollin (int) [written/visual]  Swing Revival (Beg)  Swiss Park (Adv Beg)  Temptin (Adv Beg)  Thrive (Int) Togetherness (beg) [written/visual] Travel to the Beat (Adv Beg) Travellin' Cowboy (Beg)  Velvet Virgin (Int) Walkman (Adv Beg)  Wild Side (int) [written/visual]  Yee Haa (int/adv) {written/visual]  You Know I Love You (Beg/Int)

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